Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY: Greek goddess Costume

for Halloween I had 2 costumes. at my church festival I was a greek goddess and trick-or-treating I was a hippie. However, my favorite was the greek goddess costume and here is how I made it!:




I Applied gold eyeshadow and purple winged liner to look very royal and goddessy!


I put a gold and silver elastic braided head band on my forehead and to look like the golden leaves head wear they usually have on.

for my hair I side ways French braided the top half on both sides all the way to the back


of course a greek goddess is’nt a goddess without a royal serpent, and since I couldn’t find my snake, I had to draw one:


For my dress I wore a white short dress and for my shoes I wore these gold one’s I love


this costume was last minute and my favorite of the 2!

all of our costumes:



Giddy up hippie!

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